Come si dice Buenos Aires?

Come si dice Buenos Aires?

Come si dice Buenos Aires?

È questo l'unico modo giusto di scrivere il nome della capitale argentina; non, come si vede perfino in certe targhe stradali, Buenos Ayres con tanto di ipsilon al posto della semplice i.

Is Argentina taking care of its citizens?

This is very outdated, you should either take it down or update, add a note, something. Argentina is not able to (or does not want to?) take care of it's own citizens. The government has allowed the country to slide into a state of desperation and miserable poverty.

Is Argentina safe to visit?

Did the usual tourist places and visited Salta and fantastic scenery. Argentina is a beautiful country and an amazing place. Yes there is danger about , and can be mad at times, but so glad to have experienced being there. Dogs? Seriously? I have never seen dogs in Buenos Aires.

What is Argentina famous for?

Ah, Argentina: the land of juicy steak, Malbec wine, and unbridled passion for fútbol; the home of Evita Perón and the best dulce de leche you’ll ever taste.

What do you need to know before going to Argentina?

8 Things to Know Before Going to Argentina 1 Top places to visit in Argentina 2 Climate and temperature: what to expect and how to pack 3 Money tips 4 Argentina vacation costs 5 Local public transport in Argentina 6 Taking a taxi or an UBER 7 Is Buenos Aires safe? 8 How safe is Argentina?

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