Come si cura la peste?

Come si cura la peste?

Come si cura la peste?

Esiste una Cura per la Peste? Se diagnosticata entro le prime 24 ore dalla comparsa dei sintomi, la peste può essere trattata con successo con la somministrazione di antibiotici quali streptomicina, tetracicline, gentamicina, cloramfenicolo e doxiciclina.

What is Yersinia pestis?

Yersinia pestis (formerly Pasteurella pestis) is a Gram-negative, nonmotile, rod-shaped, coccobacillus bacteria, with no spores. It is a facultative anaerobic organism that can infect humans via the Oriental rat flea. It causes the disease plague, which takes three main forms: pneumonic, septicemic and bubonic plagues.

What does Yersinia pestis look like on blood agar?

Blood agar: Yersinia pestis gives pinpoint, non-hemolyic colonies on 5% sheep blood agar. After 48 to 72 hours, it shows gray-white to slightly yellow opaque raised, irregular “fried egg” or “cauliflower” appearance; alternatively, colonies may have a “hammered copper ” shiny surface.

How long does it take for Yersinia pestis to die?

Yersinia pestis can only remain viable for about an hour as an aerosol and will quickly die when exposed to sunlight and heat outside of a living host. After exposure to aerosolized Yersinia pestis, individuals will display symptoms in 1–6 days ( Inglesby et al., 2000 ).

How do you test for Yersinia pestis?

Yersinia pestis is a high-risk organism, the diagnosis is strictly done only in a BSL level-3 laboratory. Choice of a sample depends on the type of plague. Commonly used samples are; pus, fluid aspirated from buboes, sputum, or blood. If a delay in transportation is likely, Cary-Blair transport medium can be used.

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