Quanto è profondo il cratere dell'Etna?

Quanto è profondo il cratere dell'Etna?

Quanto è profondo il cratere dell'Etna?

Il vulcano è definito “a condotto aperto”, cioè possiede un condotto centrale che mette in comunicazione l'interno della Terra, dove hanno origine i magmi etnei ad oltre 30 km di profondità, con la superficie terrestre.

What is a lunar meteorite?

Lunar meteorites, or lunaites, are meteorites from the Moon. In other words, they are rocks found on Earth that were ejected from the Moon by the impact of an asteroidal meteoroid or possibly a comet. How did lunar meteorites get here? Because the Moon has no atmosphere to stop them, meteoroids strike the Moon every day.

How can you tell if a meteorite came from space?

We can often tell that they came from space, however, because many lunar meteorites have fusion crusts from the melting of the exterior that occurs during their passage through Earth’s atmosphere. On meteorites found in hot deserts, the fusion crusts sometimes have weathered away.

What was the first meteorite ever found on the Moon?

Allan Hills 8105), the first meteorite to be recognized as originating from the Moon, was found during the 1981-82 ANSMET collection season, on January18, 1982. The three Yamato 79xxx meteorites were collected earlier, but not recognized to be of lunar origin until 1984.

What is the difference between a lunar meteorite and a tektite?

A lunar meteorite is a rock from the Moon. A tektite is not a meteorite (it never orbited the sun or Earth) and it is not from the Moon. A tektite was formed from Earth material during the impact of a meteoroid.

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