Come ci si veste per andare al palaghiaccio?

Come ci si veste per andare al palaghiaccio?

Come ci si veste per andare al palaghiaccio?

Abbigliamento: scegliere vestiti caldi che permettano movimenti ampi. Non sono adatti al pattinaggio su ghiaccio i jeans stretti, i cappotti lunghi e le sciarpe lunghe. Indossare guanti spessi e un berretto può aiutare a proteggere da infortuni. Ai principianti si raccomanda il casco.

Do rollerblades come in different sizes?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal, one-size-fits-all chart for rollerblades. Some brands match closely with your regular, go-to shoe size. However, some other brands may be a size lower than your usual shoe size. To be safe, always check the sizing chart on the brand’s website.

Can roller blades be used indoors?

They're well-suited to both indoor and outdoor use, and the polyurethane wheels are super durable. If you're a speed demon, these roller blades are ideal for going your fastest, whether you're doing laps at your local roller rink or practicing tricks and jumps outdoors.

What is roller blading and is it for You?

Roller blading is a fun, affordable way to get a full-body workout practically anywhere. Many ’80s and ’90s babies probably roller bladed at some point as kids, and the once-popular sport has had a recent resurgence in popularity.

Why do I need to wear socks with my rollerblades?

Wearing socks gives you a comfortable, accurate read on how well your rollerblades fit.

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